Friday, March 13, 2015

Dr. Google

Most people probably don't use Google as much as I do. It seems I'm always Googling something, whether it's for work or this blog or just because I can never remember what holidays are coming up. When date is Easter this year, anyway?

Anyway, for the knowledge-impaired, like me, Google has been a godsend. And it just got better.

It's said that one in twenty searches are for health issues, and it can be hard to tell if you are reading a site whose advice you can trust , or advertising, or just some armchair know-it-all with a blog ...

If you've had health problems, you learn which sites are reliable after while. My personal go-tos are WebMD and MayoClinic. But if you're a newbie to Internet searches, and in the midst of a medical issue, especially, it can be very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, or the gluten, shall we say. Google recognized this problem, and has created a database that sorts through medical info available on the web, and instead of listing sites by popularity--how many hits they get (the standard search methodology)--they are now listed by actual medical expertise, according to their Official Google Blog.

So I had to take a look. Here is a screen capture I did when searching for "headache":

Amazing! No baloney, no hit-or miss, no ads or promotions, just a lot of solid medical sites. So good on ya, Google, for helping make the Internet a safer, more intelligent, and helpful place.

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