Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are You Afraid of the DARK?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. The corporations that make them, such as Monsanto, constantly assure us that these scientifically altered foods and pesticides are perfectly safe. That must be why they are supporting a bill that would make it illegal to identify products that contain them.

The Statesman Journal (because CNN doesn't think you're interested) has reported that a bill was introduced in Congress last week that would overturn GMO labeling laws enacted in Vermont, Connecticut and Maine, prohibit other states from enacting food-labeling laws, and make it harder for the FDA to mandate labeling nationwide.

Among its supporters are the Grocery Manufacturers Association, PepsiCo, Monsanto and Koch Industries.

Opponents have dubbed it the Deny Americans the Right-to-Know, or DARK Act.
"The evidence is mounting that Monsanto's glyphosate and other chemicals used on genetically engineered crops may be harming our health," said Lisa Archer, a program director with Friends of the Earth. "Americans have more reason than ever to want to know whether they are eating GMOs."
Okay, Monsanto. If your Frankenfoods are safe, and you legitimately believe that the work you do is not just healthy, but a benefit to all mankind, why hide your light under a bushel? How can you not be excited to have your miraculous inventions labeled, helping the public to more easily find your products? Why not help a government mandate and design a label that shows how awesome you are? 

What are you afraid of?

Let's let Monsanto know that we trust them, and that we want to buy their products, in all their mysterious, probably cancer-causing glory, but that we can't do that unless they are CLEARLY LABELED.

Dial 1-877-796-1949. You’ll hear more information about the DARK Act, and then you’ll be automatically connected to your Representative’s office in Washington. Let him or her know that you OPPOSE the DARK Act (H.R. 1599) and SUPPORT the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act (H.R. 913).

To learn more, visit this link.

Too late, Monsanto! The Interwebs have it covered.

Thanks to Big Sister Marsha, RN, MSN, for getting us this info .

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