Friday, June 19, 2015

I Love Popcorn!

… and I have the book to prove it!

Doubleday and Co., 1976

Yes, I have been a life-long popcorn-aholic, so it was a natural that my mom would get me this book. 

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She wasn't fooling anybody though--she was also a die-hard popcorn lover. It is, after all, a healthy, low-cal, whole-grain snack, and something she could give to us kids that was fun and that we wouldn't complain about. She even liked it with a little melted butter (yay!) though she would have never approved of the abominations one sees today--caramel popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, chocolate-covered popcorn! 

tellin' it like it is in the '70's

My dad was also a popcorn fan, but I'm pretty sure the thing he liked the most about it was making it--especially if it could be over a camp fire, preferably accompanied by the-opposite-of-healthy hot dogs prepared similarly. I would always beg to be allowed to shake the Jiffy Pop aluminum pan; oh how I loved to watch that foil bubble rise … good times.

... heh heh, they'll never catch me ...

This looks so much like me as a kid it's weird (including the bad behavior of sneaking food into bed)! Probably another reason Mom just had to get it for me. Yes, it's a fun book -- chock-full of recipes and activities and the multiple joys of popcorn.

pseudo-me enjoys popcorn on a stick!
To make the most of your popcorn addiction, be sure to steer clear of non-organic popcorn to avoid GMO's, and overly buttery or flavored kinds, because they'll turn a wholesome snack into a diet killer. And, while we're on the "k" word, be careful when selecting microwavable popcorn. Most brands, it turns out, coat the inside of the bag with something called PFOA, a dangerous chemical that leeches into the popcorn as it heats. All hope is not lost, however. Newman's Own Organics doesn't use bags with PFOA's; neither does Quinn PopcornSnappy Popcorn, or Jollytime.

I assume good old Jiffy Pop is still safe. I hope so!

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